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In the phpinfo.php page you can see the PHP version at the top of the file, and you can find the current version of MySQL.

You can also use phpinfo to check php settings like safe_mode and register_globals.

How to Create a PHP Info File

Create a file named 'phpinfo.php' in the public_html folder of your site and insert the one of the following selections of code:

If you want to show all the information about PHP, then use the following code:

phpinfo(); // This would be used to display all of the PHP information available for the installation.

If you would like to just see the installed modules and their current values, use the following code:

phpinfo(INFO_MODULES); // This would be used to display the installed modules and their current values.

If you would like to display the configurations you have setup through your php.ini or to review what's setup through the default configurations, then use the following code:

phpinfo(INFO_CONFIGURATION); // This would be used to display the configurations you have setup through your php.ini or to review what's setup through the default configurations.

Next, go to your browser and type:

Please replace "" with your actual domain.

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