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Recently, Afilias Technologies announced it was going to discontinue the goMobi Mobile Website Builder. With the growth of responsive websites in recent years and the periodic evaluation of company products, Afilias has decided to implement an end of life for its goMobi product effective October 31, 2020.

July 31, 2020 - Last day to make any edits to your site
October 31, 2020 - Last day your goMobi site will work

What is goMobi?

goMobi is a service that makes your business easily available to mobile users with a fast and easy mobile website. Millions of people are now using their mobile phones to surf the Internet and look for information and services. goMobi ensures customers can easily find your business anywhere, anytime. Thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, your customers get immediate access on their mobile phone to all the key information about your business and are able contact you with just one click or touch.

Why goMobi?

goMobi helps you address the rapidly growing number of mobile web users, and provides you with an easy and welcoming way to grow your business. goMobi is the perfect solution for any business looking to capture more business from mobile users: it is easy to set up and maintain, helps you increase your business' visibility and maximizes every lead.

How is my goMobi mobile site built?

When you sign up for goMobi, you get access to the user friendly goMobi Setup Assistant which puts you in charge of your site’s look and content. With the Setup Assistant your site can be built in minutes and edited whenever you wish.

What is included with goMobi?

The following is included in the package:

  • Hosting of the goMobi site
  • Unlimited access to the Setup Assistant to modify your mobile website.
  • A fair use policy applies to traffic volumes. A 2,000 page views per day is the approximate ceiling.

Does goMobi provide Analytics?

The Setup assistant has a custom analytics tool so you can track how much traffic is coming to your site. You also have the option to add Google Analytics to your site.

Does goMobi work on all mobile devices?

With a variety of interface templates, goMobi delivers a great experience not only on Smartphones but on any mobile device which helps convert mobile traffic into customers.

Can I add my own custom icons to my mobile website?

Yes, with goMobi you can upload custom icons to all features that can be displayed on a mobile site via the Advanced Options area of any feature.

How does goMobi help to increase my site's visibility in mobile search engines?

The goMobi site is built using good practice recommendations, as outlined in Google's Search Engine Optimization Guide, which include creation of a sitemap, well defined page titles and descriptions, optimized site structure for navigation, good URL structure, optimized robots.txt, and site submission to directories. In addition, you can provide keywords for your business, which are used to assist search engines to rank the site's relevance to an end user's search request. Links to social network sites will also assist in this process.

What's the benefit of buying goMobi?

goMobi lets your business reach a broader audience. Recent studies show that the mobile web is the place to be: 43% of consumers use their browser to access the internet on their phone, and 68% of consumers indicated that if they knew a website had a 'made-for-mobile' version, they would make a point to visit it over the standard website. Of mobile users that had a bad experience on a website (e.g. navigation was difficult because the site wasn't optimized for mobile browsing), 61% said they would not revisit the site. With goMobi, you won't miss out on the growing mobile audience.

How do I get goMobi?

goMobi is available for our Shared Hosting .

  1. Log in to your cPanel
  2. Click on the goMobi icon
  3. Cleck the ​Get Started button
  4. Select the site you would like to integrate goMobi with.

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