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What to do if I Receive an Email Regarding Disk Usage

To provide excellent hosting for all our Shared Hosting customers, we proactively monitor our servers' health. By doing so, we are alerted to any hosting accounts that negatively impact a server's performance.

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Think of a hosting server as an Olympic-size swimming pool. Not everyone needs an enormous, expensive, Olympic-size pool. So, for many, it's nice to have a smaller, more manageable, and affordable option.

With Shared Web Hosting, you can use the entire Olympic-size swimming pool; however, you must share it with other swimmers. This means you won't always enjoy the benefit of using the high dive because you may have to wait behind someone else while they dive. You won't always be able to swim laps without someone getting in your way. However, sometimes the number of swimmers may be very few (like in the middle of the night), and you have a little more privacy and room, but those other swimmers will surely be back, and they can come swim in the same pool you use whenever they want. Also, the pool owner, which would be fastdomain in this case, may have rules like no running and no bringing your entire extended family to take up the entire pool and not leave room for anyone else. You might get splashed if someone does a cannonball, but the disturbance would be temporary. If that swimmer continually does cannonballs and disturbs other swimmers, then that swimmer would be asked to stop doing cannonballs or get their own pool.

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