What is Email Essentials?

With Email Essentials, You Can:

Please note, purchasing this product on a domain not registered with FastDomain will require you to modify your nameservers.

This free trial expires 30 days after you sign up. Your card on file will be charged up to 1 day before your trial expiration date to avoid any interruption in service. If your subscription fails to renew because the payment method we have on file declines, your subscription and your Microsoft account functionality will be suspended, and you will have 30 days to retrieve your emails and personal data from Microsoft, or to update your payment method so that your subscription reactivates and renews into the paid version.

If you do not wish to retain your subscription at the end of your free trial period, you may cancel anytime online or by calling customer service at +1 (855) 803-8156 . Please note that in order to avoid being charged, you should cancel at least 7 days before the expiration of your free trial period. If you cancel between 7 days and before the expiration of your free trial period, we will refund you any renewal charges made.